Top 5 Underground Gate Automation Kits

Are you looking for the right underground gate automation kit but you just feel like there are too many options to choose from?

We understand you and that is why we created our “Top 5’s” where we will be recommending our top 5 favourite products from every category.

All products are recommended based on our previous experience with them.

Our nationwide gate-installing teams regularly fit our recommended products.

Here is the list of our Top 5 Underground Gate Automation Kits:

1. Fadini Combi 740 F/7423L underground kit

  • 230v
  • Double locking and breaking with 110 degree rotation
  • 3m each leaf
  • From experience when we repair or replace Combi 740 operators they are nearly always over 20 years old – unrivalled reliability
  • The operator has a tapered bush meaning you rarely have to replace the bushes meaning maintenance costs are low during its life cycle
  • 100% Duty cycle – intensive use
  • Italian Made

2. Roger Technology BR21/351/361/P brushless automation kit

KIT BR21/351/P
  • 36v
  • 4.5m each leaf
  • Market leading brushless operator, quiet and smooth during operation
  • 100% Duty cycle – intensive use
  • Long 4 year warranty for excellent piece of mind
  • Digital encoder to ensure safer operation 
  • Italian Made

3. DEA Ghost 200/24v underground kit

  • 24v
  • 4m each leaf
  • Very reliable heavy duty underground kit 
  • Intensive use 
  • Long 4 year warranty 
  • Italian Made

4. FAAC S800H CBAC hydraulic underground kit

  • 24v
  • Double locking and braking
  • Hydraulic Operators for 100% Duty cycle – Intensive use
  • Very Reliable 
  • Smooth Operation
  • Heavy duty operators can handle a max gate leaf of 800Kg @ 2000mm leaf

5. Came Frog Plus P-5 heavy duty underground gate kit

  • 230v
  • Heavy Duty automation kit can handle a max gate leaf weight of 1000Kg @ 4000mm leaf or – 800Kg @ 5000mm leaf
  • Can handle large gate leaf’s up to 5500mm
  • Integrated open and close limit stops
  • Manual release from outside for ease of override in the event of power cut
  • Italian Made

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