Top 5 GSM Intercom Kits

Are you looking for the right GSM intercom kit, but you just feel like there are too many options to choose from?

We understand you and that is why we created our “Top 5’s” where we will be recommending our top 5 favourite products from every category.

All products are recommended based on our previous experience with them.

Our nationwide gate-installing teams regularly fit our recommended products.

Here is the list of our Top 5 GSM Intercom Kits:

1. Videx 4K Series 4G

  • Videx have been at the forefront of home access control for decades and the 4K range of GSM based intercoms is one of the most popular GSM’s available with both installers and end users.
  • Rock solid build construction and simple, well engineered hardware combined with clear and easy to use software mean these units are regarded by many as the most reliable choice on the market.
  • Remote App programming via text – reliable and easy to use meaning as an installer you can check on the functionality and make changes to the divert or dial to open (DTO) numbers remotely via text – you only need 2G reception to make the changes. For the end user;  Your engineer being able to diagnose and or fix and update your intercom without them having to be onsite is a godsend – Issues can be diagnosed before call out and changes can be made quickly and easily without having to get your hands dirty
  • 2 relays provided as standard – 2 entrances can be opened independently by 1 unit
  • Modular design; available with or without keypad and with additional call buttons / specialist modules meaning many configurations are available at point of sale
  • Large and long serving presence in the UK – Lots of engineers and electricians have worked with Videx units so sourcing a competent engineer is comparatively easy and availability of replacement parts is never an issue.
  • Universal tech support / guidance provided in the UK by Videx.
  • 4G units provided with free Videx app for programming and gate status.

2. Telguard ML SOLO Plus

  • UK based tech firm Commtel make these beautiful and very reliable units. These points alone would make them a popular choice but combine that with their fairly unique offering; their 2 year manufacturer’s warranty includes programming changes and problem diagnosis by their remote technicians, and you have an absolutely excellent package.
  • 3 relays ideal for multiple controlled access points at a single location
  • Hold’s up to 600 DTO numbers / up to 4000 keypad codes
  • 7 colour choices for backlit keypad light
  • Battery powered 7 day timeclock for scheduled openings and closings
  • Easy to program via comprehensive and recently much improved installer / user app

3. AES Prime 7 ABK

  • With their iconic look these units have been familiar sight on the smartest entrances over the last 10 years and the prime 7 ABK is the latest version in that legacy.
  • Excellent comprehensive support from AES Global based in leading international tech hub Cookstown, Northern Ireland.  
  • New ergonomically designed installer and user apps on a new platform means set up and making changes to programming has never been easier
  • 7 day timeclock for scheduled open / close functions
  • Can hold 100 DTO numbers / 4 diverts
  • With or without keypad and optional Integrated proximity reader

4. Telguard Millennium 4G

  • With up to 100 users this compact and stunning Telguard unit is perfect for high usage multiple occupancy entrances.
  • When looking for a unit that’s going to see more action than your average intercom you want something robust and easy to work with. The Millennium has both in bags – super solid back box construction and anti vandal keypad means it can handle the use and abuse.
  • The potentially frequent programming changes required for some multi occupancy entrances means the user / installer app is an incredible timesaver and instant remote diagnosis of issues/faults by Telguard instead of waiting days for an engineer to come out to site has shown to reduce tenant headaches by up to 97%
  • Choice of enclosure colours and 7 x keypad backlight colours means it can suit any entrance.

5. AES 603 ABK D.E.C.T.

  • I know, I know this is not strictly a GSM intercom… Well ok it’s not a GSM intercom at all! However, it is totally wireless so if you’re looking for a GSM intercom because hardwiring an intercom is not possible then this may also satisfy your requirements and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Another stalwart of the AES range the 603 doorstation and handset communicate with wireless D.E.C.T. radio so it does not require either mobile network coverage or the internet to function– Very useful if hardwiring, WIFI and GSM intercoms have all been ruled out as options.
  • No simcard means no ongoing costs; Theoretically it shouldn’t cost you a penny after you’ve purchased the unit and of course it will continue work if the GSM network becomes unreliable or goes down completely.
  • Range up to 200M but it is affected by site specific physical and environmental factors, thick stone walls etc 50M – 100M is more likely reliable range in real world conditions.
  • Long period tried and tested components and functionality
  • Despite the benefits these do have some drawbacks compared to a GSM unit – the main and most obvious one being you can only answer calls from the gates when at home and with a handset in range, you can only pair 2 handsets with a door station.  

Disclaimer: All GSM intercoms depend on a strong mobile network at the installation site to function reliably – using a mobile phone on the intended network held close to the exact mounting location can give you an indication: If you get 3-4 bars the intercom is likely to work reliably. 1 to 2 bars means you’re more likely to have reliability problems.

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