Top 5 Above Ground Gate Automation Kits

Are you looking for the right above ground gate automation kit but you just feel like there are too many options to choose from?

We understand you and that is why we created our “Top 5’s” where we will be recommending our top 5 favourite products from every category.

All products are recommended based on our previous experience with them.

Our nationwide gate-installing teams regularly fit our recommended products.

Here is the list of our Top 5 Above Ground Gate Automation Kits:

1. Roger Technology BE20 200 /400 / HS

Kit BE20/410
  • Fast, powerful and quiet! For the end user the BE20 is a fantastic kit to live with. It has incredible reliability, almost silent operation fast operation (90 degree opening in under 10 seconds)
  • Brushless motors give these operators a very powerful movement with a super intensive duty cycle so they can handle many more operations per hour that traditional electromechanical motors: Similar performance to hydraulic without the drawbacks.
  • Energy efficient – Brushless motors use less electricity that traditional electro mechanical motors
  • Physical stops on the operator for open and close positions makes set up easy and quick
  • Low voltage – the brushless motors work on 36V so although a 230V feed is required to the control panel it is then transformed down to 36V which is safer and means it’s suitable for battery back up system meaning the gate can continue operating if there’s a power cut, etc.
  • Digitally controlled encoders for safety 
  • Industry leading long manufacturers warranty
  • Excellent practical UK based tech support (for professionals only)

2. Beninca Bob 3024E / 5024E

  • Excellent budget operator – when the entrance you’re automating is going to be medium to low usage and budget is a primary driver in your decision making this is our ‘go to’ kit 
  • Low voltage and with native encoders for safety
  • Stylish design and a choice of colours mean this operator can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your entrance.
  • Despite the lower pricing point and standard 2 year warranty we think it offers excellent reliability and value

3. Roger Technology Smarty 5 / 7 / R

  • Perfect for gates on industrial or commercial premises which tend to be larger, heavier and see much more intense usage – these brushless monsters can move a whopping 600Kg per leaf at 1.5M leaf size or 300Kg at a massive 5M leaf size. (Smarty 5)
  • Low voltage brushless motors ensure it can operate nearly non stop – (up to 83 times per hour dependent on travel time without thermal cut out) and well as being
  • Self locking even up to 7M per leaf – physical open and close stops on the ram help keep down the ancillary devices – lower cost and higher reliability.
  • Energy efficient – Brushless motors use less electricity that traditional electromechanical motors
  • Excellently engineered – Still entirely made in Italy to the highest standards
  • Industry leading 4 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Excellent practical UK based tech support (for professionals only)

4. BFT P4.5

P4.5 KIT
  • For a larger, fully boarded gates in an exposed site where high winds may be a problem the P4.5 is an excellent solution – powerful hydraulic operator ensures no thermal cut out and it will not struggle to operate in strong winds or when it’s required to operate continually on a busy entrance.
  • Controlled by the recently updated Rigel 6 panel which is now very reliable, easy to set up and prefect for use with a maglock on large single leaf gates as you don’t require a separate PSU or switching relay you can do it all with options and setting on the Rigel 6 saving money on additional items
  • Hydraulic locking only up to 3M leaf (additional locking devices required above 3M leaf size and may need additional safety devices)
  • Excellent installer centric UK support (for professionals only)

5. Came Stylo ME

  • Excellent compact electro mechanical operator only for use on smaller gates
  • Due to it’s size and the articulated (or slide) transmission arm can operate in a very limited space that other operators struggle to fit into.
  • Locking in open and closed positions – unique in this type of operator and means that additional locking devices or a maglock is not required.
  • Low voltage with inbuild encoders means it’s a very safe operator *please note additional safety devices may still be needed.
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty

Please contact our experienced sales team on 01564 73 1035 for further information.

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