Powder Coating, Manufacturing & Installation Terms & Conditions

Five year Powder Coating Guarantee Terms and conditions

Arden Gates Ltd applicators of pre-treatments, powder coatings to products manufactured subject to the following term and conditions:

Terms and Conditions

That the products coated are not exposed to continuous emission sources which are known or believed to be damaging or corrosive to thermosetting Powder Coatings.

Mechanical damage and breakage in the film layer must be repaired within 24 hours with an approved Two-pack polyurethane touch up system.

All products are cleaned at Three monthly intervals commencing with the date of installation at the premises. That the owner uses a mild detergent and warm water on all surfaces using a clean, soft cloth or clean sponge but nothing harsher than a natural bristle brush. If, however, heavy soiling occurs, more regular cleaning will be required. Records of cleaning to be maintained dated and signed. Do not under any circumstances use solvents or solutions containing:

  • Chlorinated Hydrocarbons/solvents
  • Esters
  • Ketones
  • Abrasive cleaners or Polish

Please see link to the Cleaning and Maintenance Guide (click to open).

This guarantee is given for coated products exposed under “normal” environmental conditions considered as non-hazardous; these are locations where the local conditions do not adversely affect the properties of the Powder-coated film, e.g. rural or typical urban environments. Arden Gates Ltd will not guarantee Powder Coated products within 7000 meters of the following “hazardous” environments. 


Hazardous Environments

  • Marine: Coastal shoreline, estuaries and tidal rivers areas which are strongly affected by salt laded atmospheres.
  • Industrial: Any location of a source of solid, liquid or gaseous pollution that may cause the degrading of the Powder Coating
  • Swimming and Leisure Pools: As a result of high humidity and chemical build-up.

In certain circumstances on ungalvanized steel treated with our shot-blasted Zinc powder and polyester topcoat finish there may be a pinhole that can leak a small amount rusty water. We reserve the right to treat this on site to prevent any spread. If it becomes a problem with spread, within the 5-year period we will recoat.

Galvanised gates are deburred before coating to remove any sharp protrusions, however the galvanised finish adds a texture to the steel that can be seen in some cases under the powder coating. 


Ten year Materials and Construction Warranty

Arden Gates Ltd offers a Ten-year Materials and Construction of gates manufactured, subject to the following term and conditions:

Covered for

  • Any cracks, warping and movement in the gates that occur within ten years of installation because of poor workmanship or sub-standard materials


  • Damage caused during installation by others
  • Damage caused by sub-standard installation by others
  • Damage caused by movement in the ground due to heave, slump or subsidence
  • Damage caused by impact from a vehicle or other objects
  • Damage caused due to a lack of maintenance
  • Damage caused by extreme weather or acts of war/terrorism
  • Damage caused by improper use.


Installation Warranty

For installations carried out by Arden Gates, we also offer a one year’s parts and labour warranty on all components separate to the finish and construction warranty.

We install posts and pillars in substantial foundations but cannot Guarantee the ground conditions they are set into. Our warranty excludes any movement due to heave slump or subsidence affecting the surrounding ground.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Guy Allwood