FADINI MEC 200 Electromechanical Geared Motor Operator for Sliding Gates

Sliding Gate Operator
Code: F/MEC200*
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FADINI MEC 200 Electromechanical Geared Motor Operator for Sliding Gates


230 Vac and 400 Vac geared motor operator, coupling of worm and bronze crown gear in oil bath, on ball bearings.


Aluminium gear box and cover are a total guarantee of long life over the time.


Adjustable torque control provided by a mechanical clutch system; the discs are lubricated by multifunctional grease to improve performance.


Base plate of pressure cast aluminium.


Full range of models with various types of electric motors, options with air-cooled motors and electro-brake available. Depending on the way the rack is fixed on to the gate, models with horizontal or vertical pinion are available. The electronic control unit can be incorporated inside MEC 200 or stand alone in a polycarbonate box.


CE marking following type tests.


 0,5 HP - 1PH0,5 HP - 3PH1 HP - 1PH1 HP - 3PH1,5 HP - 3PH
Power supply (Vac – Hz)230 - 50230/400 - 50230 - 50230/400 - 50230/400 - 50
Max. absorbed power (W)5105751.1301.0301.500
Max. absorbed current (A)2,42,1/1,25,73,7/2,25,1/3
Power yield (W)0,370,370,730,731,1
Motor revolutions (rpm)1.3801.3801.3801.3801.380
Capacitor (μF)20-40--
Rated torque (Nm)40408080110
Travel speed (m/min)1010101010
Gear ratio1/321/321/321/321/32
Working temperature (°C)-25 ÷ +80-25 ÷ +80-25 ÷ +80-25 ÷ +80-25 ÷ +80
Limit switchmechanicalmechanicalmechanicalmechanicalmechanical
Grade of protection IP5555555555
Oil typeF/706L F/706LF/706LF/706LF/706L
Weight (kg)19,5 o. - 19 v.18,5 o. - 18 v.23,5 o. - 23 v.21,5 o. - 21 v.25,5 o. - 25 v.
Frequency of usevery intensivevery intensivevery intensivevery intensivevery intensive



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F/1964L230 Vac 1PH o.Horizontal0,37 / 0,5-NO1.200
F/1994L230 Vac 1PH o.Horizontal0,37 / 0,5ELPRO 70/3 PlusNO1.200
F/197567L230 Vac 1PH o.Horizontal0,73 / 1-YES1.800
F/196L230/400 Vac 3PH o.Horizontal0,37 / 0,5-NO1.250
F/197L230/400 Vac 3PH o.Horizontal0,73 / 1-NO1.850
F/198L230/400 Vac 3PH o.Horizontal1,1 / 1,5-NO2.000
F/199L230/400 Vac 3PH o.Horizontal0,37 / 0,5ELPRO 70/3 PlusNO1.250
F/19767L230/400 Vac 3PH o.Horizontal0,73 / 1-YES1.850
F/19867L230/400 Vac 3PH o.Horizontal1,1 / 1,5-YES2.000
F/2114L230 Vac 1PH v.Vertical0,37 / 0,5-NO1.200
F/2154L230 Vac 1PH v.Vertical0,37 / 0,5ELPRO 70/3 PlusNO1.200
F/212567L230 Vac 1PH v.Vertical0,73 / 1-YES1.800
F/211L230/400 Vac 3PH v.Vertical0,37 / 0,5-NO1.250
F/212L230/400 Vac 3PH v.Vertical0,73 / 1-NO1.850
F/213L230/400 Vac 3PH v.Vertical1,1 / 1,5-NO2.000
F/215L230/400 Vac 3PH v.Vertical0,37 / 0,5ELPRO 70/3 PlusNO1.250
F/21267L230/400 Vac 3PH v.Vertical0,73 / 1-YES1.850
F/21367L230/400 Vac 3PH v.Vertical1,1 / 1,5-YES2.000
F/7154L230 Vac 1PH v. reversibleVertical0,37 / 0,5-NO1.200
F/7155L230/400 Vac 3PH v. reversibleVertical0,37 / 0,5-NO1.250



  • v. - vertical, o. - horizontal
  • Each code includes an electromechanical geared motor operator with mechanical clutch, pinion for the rack, anchoring base plate for ground fixing with screws, mechanical limit switch, a pair of limit switch striking plates, release spanner. Electronic control unit and air-cooled motor with electro-brake are included only for the code numbers as indicated in the chart.
  • The gate structure, size and possible strong winds may affect the value of indicated max. weight. Always make sure the gate is adequate to be automatically operated and remove any possible friction points.
  • Reversible versions are possible to open or close by hand in case of power failure; no need that release handle or release spanner be operated.
  • IP55 when inside the housing cover or casing.



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