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Cable tidy anyone?

Does you automation cabling cabling look like Medusa’s barnet?!  Many times our engineers have turned up to see automation wiring that’s like a bag of wiggly worms wrestling! Our specialist installation engineers pride themselves on rectifying the previous work of others and leaving ours correctly and clearly laid out and as neat as possible.

The pic above above is how we transformed the control boxes and cabling of this new client we took on recently after they experienced numerous ongoing issues with the automation on their gates, looking at the way this has been installed it’s easy to see why.

We understand that even if your control units and cabling aren’t on show to the whole world you’ll still see it, probably everyday. So to us the finished look of the house facing side of your gates is as important as the kerb appeal of the frontage. On top of the obvious practical benefits of having your intercom and safety and convenience features working as they were intended.

This care and attention is not just about getting the power and data supplied in a tidy and aesthetically pleasing way it’s also about safety and future proofing yourself against the hassle and cost of breakdowns and malfunctions, when cabling is not arranged properly it can allow water ingress and even tiny Slugs and other pests (surprisingly Slugs are one the top five causes of gate automation breakdowns) Bad wiring can also cause overheating and short circuits that can trip out the power supply to out buildings and even main residences. This can be very inconvenient and even risky as we increasingly come to come to rely on technology more and more for our security as well as entertainment and day to day labour saving.

To the right is a great example of an Arden Gates installation in South Birmingham featuring a set of Claverdon swing gates and side panel with a through post box located. The cabling is so neat they look like they’ve just grown out of brickwork driveway. This client was really impressed with the end result of this full new install and having Roger Technology underground motors and a Videx intercom and keypad gives them practicality, reliability and security as well as a neat and professionally installed external power set up.

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